Matthew Krupa

Recently finished a Bachelor of Design (Hons) at UNSW Art and Design in 2017, with a double major in graphics and jewellery. He spends way to much on art and design books. 

Matthew’s design ethos is to simplify complex ideas so they can be impactful, and resonate visually. A straight talker, Matthew prefers to deal with concepts and ideas in the real world, so that design briefs are outcome focused, practical, contextually appropriate and purposeful. This means messages and graphics draw on well-researched concepts, and are developed with a considered approach to colour, mood and aesthetic to communicate to audiences.

Matthew’s style is adaptable but noted for use of strong colours, pictograms and sharp graphics that are fresh and modern with hints of classic approaches to design principles.

Self-motivated and hard working, Matthew develops work until satisfied with the outcome, but with a consideration of time frames and value to the final product. He approaches all tasks with good humour, and is looking to explore different creative avenues to influence the next wave of iconic design.

Find out more about me on LinkedIn or download my CV here, and please feel free to direct any questions, interests or general enquiries to

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